“What’s weird about it? I mean aside from the obvious,” Emily grinned crooked.“I don’t know, I’m out to lunch with ... Him, but you’re n...t Him.”“That’s the obvious,” Emily teased.Candace shook her head, “No, I mean that, when I was with him, he’d rarely take me out to eat. But when he did, I was madly in love with him, desperate for his attention and approval, willing to do anything he might think of at the drop of a hat. Except that I also hated his guts.”“And now?”“And now, he - you are. “But yours is a nice size as well. Bigger than I thought.” David stepped forward and pressed his cock against mine. We were both about 5’10” so our cocks lined up nicely but it was easy to see that his was substantially larger. Not only longer but thicker. “Wow, David,” I said, “that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. What does your girlfriend think?” “She loves the damn thing. She really gets off playing with it. Says it hurts her when we fuck but she says it hurts good.” We were still. Not that bad considering I was in a big city so for less than $50 I asked Amazon to drop a new one off by that night. It was Sunday. By this time it had been 2 days of no orgasm plus the sex. I got a notice Monday that the shipment got fucked up so it would be there by Wednesday. I kept telling myself I could make it another day. By Tuesday I could physically feel what I would describe as a dull, pulsing ache and in my mind it felt like my inter lips were swollen. I remember the hot water. He’d never felt so unsure of his next move. He hadn’t forced himself on her. So, why did this situation leave a bad taste in his mouth?“Ms. Remy…Grace, I…” he found himself a little tongue-tied. It was not a feeling with which he was familiar. “I should go.”“Yes, you should,” she agreed.She got up and slipped her robe back on, then grabbed herself a soda from the minibar. The silence, while he dressed, was uncomfortable. He felt like an idiot.He sighed, “How do I make this right?”“You don’t,”.

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