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I’m Dr Winston Granville, deputy chairman of the National Program Committee and the executive director of curriculum at Education.”He nodded to th... woman at his left.“I’m Dr Marjory Seetis, a psychologist in the employ of the Department for Education. And a committee member.”“Mr Wilson Eldridge. The committee’s legal advocate.”“Dr David Dunton. Professor of education at Surry University and committee member.”“Mrs Charlene Stokeston, head teacher at Whimforshire School; committee member. ”“But the having sex?” I asked.“There’s nothing wrong with having sex at all, that’s all part of becoming an adult, learning about life,” my mother said. “Now, I’m not suggesting you sleep with any girl or woman that you meet, but if the two of you are in love, then provided you take precautions, that’s an important part of any relationship. I guess it’s no great surprise to you that you father and I both had several sexual partners before we met each other?”That was a surprise, hearing it. I was reliving the video while fast stroking myself. It took only a minute to cum hard as I ever did. I brushed my teeth and went to read the paper and wait for my wife.She arrived shortly and made small talk while sneakily taking the video camera away. I thought this was strange. I thought she must have witnessed this happening last Wednesday and taped it to see if it happened again. She did ask if I had the dream again and I told her I did. She never mentioned the video or anything the rest. “Kneel on this. You have made me very excited tonight, Slut, both by your obedience and your disobedience. I can see you are coming along, but I know you have so far to go. I’m hard, Pet and you will suck me dry.” I practically jumped up and down and clapped my hands at his words. “If you let that plug fall out of that tight ass, though, slave, I will stripe your ass with a switch from the woods behind you. It will hurt. Do you understand?” That sobered me. “Yes, Master.” He set the towel on.

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