As I watched her swish her cute little ass towards the bathroon, I thought whoever the guy was, he was one lucky fella. I turned the radio on and got...ready to wait. All women take forever in the bathroom right? Five minutes turned to ten, and suddenly I was woried. Should I get out and see if she is OK? Just as I opened the door, she came out of the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was that she didn't have the pantyhose on that she was wearing before. Again, I worried, thinking she had. Laura began panting quietly with nervous excitement. Then Mike wrapped his lips around her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. At first Mike was very gentle but then he began sucking on them hard like a baby eager to be fed. Laura's hormones were running wild her hands were shaking and sweaty. Mike's tongue darted over the tip of Laura's nipples teasing them as he sucked on one then the other. Laura knew there was no turning back now she wanted him way too badly to stop. Laura slipped. There was no need to look up to know she wore a smirk as she stood?over me. Standing so close, I caught the lingering scent of her lavender soap. It's always disconcerting when she invades my personal space, but here she was studying and savoring my mental state. Her gaze and proximity caused a moment of self-conscious shyness – me naked, collared, and flushed with no way to conceal the fact my cock’s straining against the cage. Bashfully looking up, I found she was indeed smirking, one eyebrow. . Wow.”I laughed and picked her up. I sat down and set her on my lap. The lips of her pussy wrapped around my shaft and I felt her getting wet. I only got harder. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her hard. I put my arms around her middle and her chest pressed to mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She pulled away. “Danny I need to feel you inside me.”“In time.” I tried to kiss her again but she pulled back.“Danny, please. I’ll do anything.”I pulled away. “How do I know your.

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