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Erin brought me out of my deep thoughts. "Ral, what are you thinking?"I looked into her bright green eyes. They were so beautiful. I couldn't leave he... behind. "I'm trying to think of a way to get us all home tonight."Renée touched my right arm. "You said it yourself, Ral. You're not our master and we're not your subjects. This is a group decision, not yours alone." The others gathered around to join the hushed conversation."Who's going to stay?" Who says anyone's staying?" I don't want to. "It would be hard for us to raise a baby when we're only fifteen."Every couple minutes as we coupled, Kelly reminded me that I couldn't come in her like I did last week. I always swore that I'd be careful. We continued on, me pumping in as Kelly thrust up towards me cock, our pubic areas slamming together, I'd grind a little and then pull away as Kelly let her body sink into the bed again.Kelly's breathing got ragged as she approached her pinnacle. "Ooohh ... are you clooo ... close?" she. To wash her and kiss her soft sweet back and lick her curving body from top to bottom…..Dan see’s her turning around and conceals himself further behind the door so as not to be seen… and is floored by her beauty… her perky breasts like a school girl still growing and developing shapely and firm, … he longs to touch them to see if they are as firm as they look…. they are a site to behold… not large or small just enough he thinks to have some left over for desert… as he smiles to himself… Dan. "You two can always slip away for something better than pizza. Besides, I'd really like to talk with her a while. She can bring Ashley too."It wasn't a dramatic romantic date, I realized. But as I thought about it, I realized it was really the right thing to do. I agreed to check with Angie and finished the call with Lynn. Angie was agreeable when I called her and asked if Lynn would be willing to baby-sit Ashley when we went out after. A few more phone calls and we were set.The party was a.

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