I still had a stiffy."Sure," he murmured, and slid off me to lie on his stomach beside me, all mellow. It didn't matter that he might get Crisco on th... bed sheets. We had to do our own laundry anyway.I knelt up and walked on my knees atop the bed to where he had left the napkin. Carefully, I got a finger full of the little bit of Crisco that was left, and then walking up on my knees on either side of Tim's outstretched legs, I gazed down at his fleshy butt, all white in the moonlight of that. " Then with a slight hint of sarcasm, "But that's right, you're not an Alpha, huh?"A blush crept across Jesse's face."And ... you weren't here earlier when we decided that all my Alphas would receive some basic training with military weapons. Have you heard that an enemy force was killed about five miles from here? We didn't fire a shot. Apparently, Mother Nature took care of them for us with an avalanche. But the aborted attack brought about a reality check. So, the Alphas will receive a. I couldn’t concentrate. Between Debi and Kim, I was as horny as I’ve ever been on my life.When we finished that drink, Debi and Tom left. Debi kept looking back at me and I kind of got the impression that she would rather be going to Kim’s room with me to party instead of going home. I needed a fresh drink, and precisely at 7:30 I headed to the elevator to take it to the 7th floor. I got to the door of room 716 and Kim had jarred the swing lock all the way back so the door was not completely. In a lower whisper she continued, “Thank you so very much, Brian. I’ve had such a good time. You are such a special man. Thank you, thank you, Thank you, I’ve actually had an unforgettable time. You are just so special, but you haven’t climaxed, baby?” she added concernedly. She reached down and slid my throbbing boner up her juicy wet pussy. Then she rode me like a freight train racing to nowhere. It wasn’t long. We both just clenched each other panting as we sped into orgasmic bliss. “There.

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