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She had two smudge marks on her face. The oil glistened in the sunlight. I tossed her a rag and she wiped her hands with it. I started her car and le... it run for a few minutes, while I disposed of the old oil into an oil can I had brought over for recycling purposes. Charlie sat on the dolly and watched. I checked the dipstick, with Charlie by my side watching. “This is so cool,” she remarked, putting her hand on top of mine, as we leaned in, under the hood, and checked her belts for wear. I grabbed his hair and pulled his body against mine and started to kiss him. Our bodies pressed together. I felt his cock swelling between us so I started rubbing my hand down his pants.My mother called from the living room asking if we wanted to go get some ice cream with them. Tom laughed and whispered, “NO” into my ear. I told mom no thanks and she said they would be going out to a bar and would be back in a couple of hours. She told me that she left a mattress in my room so Tom had a place. None of us were really dressed for riding, but the idea of seeing Gypsy and Jingo and Princess lifted my spirits a little. That and the fact that Samantha jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist making me carry her all the way to the barn while she peppered my face with kisses. I just hugged her wiggly frame to my body and kissed her back. When we got to the barn, Jennifer was already brushing Jingo and Courtney was in with Gypsy. Samantha and I grabbed brushes and started to work on. "Yeah. I've always thought you were kind of sexy for a guy your age. So yeah. I would." Jessica said.God I wanted to find out what it was like to have sex with a young, teenage girl like her. But I'd never done anything like that. God forbid anyone found out. I would be ruined, my marriage over, and Lord knows what repercussions I'd face.But staring at Jessica, let me tell you something. For sixteen, looking at her dark skin (mom was white, dad was black), her long black hair, little round firm.

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