Or kaha “ ab aaya maza” botal mein adhe se zada paani bacha tha, jo uske baalon ko bheegota hua uske chehre par aaya or chehre se gir kar sidha us...e seene ko gila kar raha tha uske boobs puri tarah bheeg chuke the jab use kuch samajh nahi aaya toh mujhe marne k liye dodi main vapas apne kamre mein bhagawho mere peeche peeche aayi or mujhe marne lagi par maine uska hath pakad kar use bed par dhakel diya or use gud gudi karne laga who hansne lagi or khud ko bachane k liye chatpatane lagi is beech. Palus came over and kissed me. A twinkle in her eye announced her awareness of my drained state."You look lovely this morning, Celine. Can I get you some breakfast for you and your man?" Palus asked, her eyes searching the young woman.Celine burst in sudden tears, hugging Palus, and said, "It was the most satisfying experience of my life. He was gentle like you assured me."Palus just held the young woman and nodded, darting her eyes to the dinner table. I left them to a womanly talk, finding a. My thought, for what it might be worth, is that I was transported into the future a very long time. Civilization seems to have been lost and few people inhabited this area which seemed to be like North America but very unlike it, too. I was troubled in that theory because I hadn't seen any trace of ruins. No ruins made a North American reference difficult. It takes a long time for chunks of concrete and steel to disappear.The language was a good part of that theory. Most of the names were. Had they all spoken different languages they might not be able to converse at all. After four attempts at making chit-chat with his compartment companions, Billy realized they might all be from different planets. He had nothing in common or to say to them and they seemed wary of him, It was going to be a long 18 hours.The train was getting up steam slowly pulling out of the station when the compartment door slid open and in the door frame there stood a goddess. Five foot three and every inch a.

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