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CRAP!! of course we can!!I was so friggin excited, but I was bottling that energy away. I feltnearly every part of my body pulsate in some way. I di...n't want tofreak her out."Go pick out a dress and meet me at the changing area while I pay forthis," Marchesa ordered.Yes maam!So I wandered up the aisle (no pun intended) living a real life daydream, plucking wedding dresses and holding them up against my body. Imust have been a while looking at dresses that I forgot to meet Marchesain the. His budding acting career also compliments her pop star aspirations. This isn't due to looks, they both have a similar thin, athletic figure with narrow hips and until very recently, similar breasts. They are both slightly above average in natural prettiness as well, the only difference is Hazel has fair skin and freckles while Lily has a diligently maintained fake tan, but Lily's parents are a Record executive and a famed fashion photographer. Hazel's father owns a used car dealership and her. Nevertheless, I was turned on by the suggestion alone, as she held court in the girls' locker room.As a member of the stage crew, (some geek I am, right?) I had a key to the organ loft where some of the more daring of us would masturbate to the reverberations, during organ practice!You needed to have cotton in your ears, lest you go deaf, but the vibrations were the closest thing to orgasm that I knew.One afternoon, after picking out my spot, I saw these two boys sneak inside.They didn't see. I looked through the window, it had blinds but through their gaps I could see the street, people walking below, I wondered, if any of them could hear us, or better yet, see us. She gasped out in a moan, casting a glance at the window and voiced her protest, her hand unhooking from around my neck to reach over and brush her fingers against the blinds. In her lust-dazed state she tried to close the blinds further, only causing a commotion as she slapped them crudely. I did not linger by that.

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