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It was not stiff yet but was growing and beginning to look big in his hand as he stroked its length. I was getting a bit desperate now and needed some...action so told him to let go of his cock as I would attend to that later, but now I needed to feel his hot breath on my sex and his tongue exploring me.He didn’t need a second invitation and put his face down between my spread legs. He took a last look at the vision before him before he lowered his mouth onto me. The first touch of his tongue on. Footsteps descended the stairs behind me. “Welcome home Jackson,” Alexis said quietly behind me. I turned, expecting to see the chubby, pimple faced girl I remembered. Instead, I was looking at a beautiful twenty year old woman. Her blue-grey eyes, beautiful without her glasses, looked out of a smooth, pretty face. Rich brown curls fell to either side looking thick and soft. She had lost weight and gotten taller, transforming from a chubby girl into a curvy woman. She displayed her. I thought it was a normal day. I woke up at 10 a.m. had breakfast with my family, took a bath at 11, my mom and my younger sister took off to go to the mall to go shopping and rest assured that they were going to have lunch outside. Before i continue, let me describe myself, my name is Thomas, about 5'8 tall, i'm in grade 8, 15 years old, i'm a bit tan, well i go to the gym regularly and i'm a swimmer, so i have that beach ready body that any guy would dream, not that buff, not too thin, i'm. No option. I could call the police but they'd get me beforeanyone got there. Even if they didn't they can take all my money anddestroy everything in my life. Who'd believe this story anyway? Best toacquiesce, and go along until a real chance presented itself, or theytired of me. Then I might return to normal. So I walked up to the door onhigh heel stilettos, opened the door, and went into the darkness.A bouncer I didn't recognize did a double take at me, but let me passsaying only, "Nice ass.

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