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“Mmmm you are so hot baby…. mmm press them, mmm push your cock more aahh yess just like that mm mm aaahh uffff” she was moaning.“Ughhh you hot aunty mmm” I bit her shoulder and then I slowly gripped her waist and started to hump her. It felt so good rubbing my cock against her soft ass cheeks.“You have so soft cheeks aunty, mmmm… I would love to make them mine.” I was mad at her beauty and was very much aroused.She was moving back and forth “it is yours baby.. uffff it feels so good. I finish at the market and go home excited and yet scared of what is to come. I pull up to see a shopping bag at the door. I pick it up open it and it is a red sexy night gown with a black sexy robe with a note that reads...."You will be wearing this showered and sitting on your bed when I get there with make up on and hair in place. Make sure your pussy is shaved clean for I will spread you to inspect, if I find one hair I will spank your white whore ass till it is red." After the kids are in. This made hard instantly but I knew I could fuck her mouth any time I wanted so instead of pushing myself down her throat I decided to withdraw. Jumping back to the ground I picked up her clothes, firstly using her own panties to wipe the cum from her pussy, I then put them back on her. One by one I put back each item of clothes until she stood looking exactly as she had before I had started except for perhaps looking slightly flustered and her hair was more of a mess now. I ran back to my seat. ." He snapped his fingers, "Got it!" He picked up the telephone and dialed swiftly, talking fast as his number rang, "What we have to do is discredit her, that way if she does tell, no one will believe her... Hello, Eula? Get me Tully, and this is important! Get him on the line just as fast as you can." He mopped at his brow with a handkerchief as he waited. There was an intercom system connecting the main house with the dairy barn, and in a few seconds the line clicked and Tully, the man who.

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