Chitra: bitch…..Rohini: whore…..I was really surprised after hearing this and I was feeling like anything. I can’t believe my ears. My one a prostitute and another one is her agent, wtf.After their conversation, I understood Rohini is working for Sudha and ritcha, by making Chitra as a prostitute. Chitra is also having fun working as a whore. Both my aunties are a slut, and I don’t know about that.But one thing I felt happy is, Rohini aunty is not a whore, she needs money but not. We were careful about how we dressed, even being sure to wear robes going to and from the shower. We kept things brotherly and sisterly. Until that night. And it was all my fault.I’m Sarah. I had been dating a guy, but we recently broke up. My three roommates were going to a party, but I declined. I was still nursing bruised feeling from the last boyfriend. I just wasn’t in the mood to be cheerful at a meet and grab party. They left, and I remained on the couch watching a movie.It was a. Slowly her light steps carried her deeper into the room and she stepped inside the circle crouching down to inspect the brazier that would be used for the summoning as she chanted a small spell to light it she rose to her feet and stepped swiftly over to the altar with an evil smirk upon her face.As she picked up the spell scroll she had no idea that her younger sister had not only planted a slight imperfection in the circle but had also changed the spell just enough to summon something besides. "And you're going to become one of them." No?" Gordon said."They're proper card-carrying socialists," Mike said. "They wanted me to devote my life to some noble cause or other." At university it's easy to dream of how the world should be," Gordon said. "Out in the real world you have to accept how it actually is." My brother learnt that lesson out in Africa," Mike said. "He went out to dig wells in Sudan and a twelve year old boy soldier blew his head off with a Kalashnikov." Oh my," Gordon.

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