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I reached between us and searched out the button of her jeans. Sliding my fingers into her waistband, I succeeded in popping the button loose and her jeans about halfway. I couldn’t help but feel I small surge of pride at the fact this was the first time I had ever done that and I did it right. My other hand, still caressing her back, glided down to under her waistband and brushed the top of her cheeks. Our kissing intensified as we ground against one another. Both of my hands wove. I hope that look is forme." I nodded and winked at her in a sexy pose. My eyes could lightanyone's soul on fire and I knew it. This was getting to be so muchfun, I had a sexy smile of devious delight. "Hey turn it down a little,we'll never get out of here!" And that's a bad thing?" I said in my most sultry voice. Oh my god,my entire outlook was changing; I was comfortable as a woman and usingmy newfound feminine wiles to seduce my wife. How quickly and how far Ihad come in a few short. The two others showed themselves, as Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. The events seem to possess all the earmarks of a classic alien visitation. Brilliant but soft bright white light, a vacuum of silence, sleep paralysis accompanied by feelings of paranoia. However, my body never leaves the room. My body seems to be levitating, though I somehow feel that I am still lying on my bed… very strange. Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom I will refer to, as LOVE for simplicities sake was the first to appear.. Nancy held the back of my head in one hand and leaned forward.Our lips touched. That feeling was simply amazing. I could sense my body heating up. At first, the kiss was awkward but then I started to suck on the hot teen girl’s lower lips. Meanwhile, she was sucking my upper lips.Then I gently moved my hands on this school chick’s thigh which was soft like a milk bun. We continued it for nearly 5 minutes and then we stopped. Then again I leaned forward and this time, we played with each other’s.

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