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I was far from done with her. I attacked her tits with my mouth, sucking and nibbling those hard little nipples. As she squirmed, it seemed that I c...uld feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock. I put my mouth on hers and kissed her hard, jamming my tongue into her mouth. She gagged and sobbed and asked me if I was almost done between sobs."Not yet, bitch. I bet none of those college boys fuck you this good, do they? DO THEY?" I bellowed. "N-no, they don't. Please stop, you're. ’ I asked, ‘Why?’ Ratna replied, ‘Geeta thinks that the accident happened only because of her involvement in the family. So she thinks that it is her moral duty and she is obliged to look after my crippled mother.’ I could not think of anything to say. Ratna suddenly smiled and said, ‘Come on, let’s not harp on things which make us sad. I am told you want a beautiful, charming and sexy girl?’ I retaliated, ‘Who told you?’ Ratna said, ‘Why, didn’t you tell Geeta exactly the same words?’ I smiled. I followed his glance and sure enough, he had seen me sitting with my legs uncovered and spread. I was immediately embarrassed and started blushing. It was humiliating to have a man (especially a black man) see my panties. “As you can see, it has affected me and I need some relief,” he sort of chuckled, “What are you going to do about helping me out?” I could see more of the “log” protruding from the leg of his shorts now. “What do you want from. "Okay, what?" he ordered."Okay, I'll do whatever you want." I replied hoping to at least end the abuse on my aching tits, "I'll... I'll be your slut." I told him meekly. Satisfied, he released his grip on me breasts and stepped back from me. "That's a good girl," he commented. "Now let's get you out of those clothes." he said as he led me away from the cabinets and closer to his desk. "Why don't you start by taking off that blouse. Let's see those I've wanted to see those for a long, long.

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