They all looked surprised.The Zodiac was quickly loaded with people and the transfer to the Penny was made. Everyone found their staterooms and a show...r. Connie and Junior were so asleep they washed each other ... just to remain standing. Dried and powdered, they crawled into separate beds and were breathing the deep breaths of restful sleep.David and Andy washed each other in the master stateroom ... tired they may be, but David had 'things' in mind. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and. Anna lies on the same prep table that she will lie on when the spit is shoved through her body, and I waste no time climbing up with her and bringing my pussy to her mouth. "What do you want me to do?" Anna's answer isn't what I am expecting, but it excites me, anyway. "I want you to make me drink your pee, just like you drank mine." "What would you like to do after I make you drink my pee?" "I want you to feed me your pussy while dad pierces my inner pussy lips." I spread my pussy lips. Thus he was able to turn and race for the door before I could get to him. I still might have gotten my hands on him, but as I went by Amy she stuck out her foot and tripped me. By the time I regained my balance Hal was out the door and gone.I turned and walked past Amy into the kitchen and got the phone book out of the cupboard where we kept it and paged through it until I came to Harold Bartram. I picked up the phone and was punching numbers into it when Amy walked into the room and. Mandy blinked as her eyes grew accustomed to the bright light. For a moment she was disorientated, unsure of her surroundings. As she woke, she realised John was lying close to her, she felt the heat radiate from his body and luxuriated in it. She lay watching him as his big chest rose and fell with every breath. Mandy leant over and kissed him softly on the cheek. The events of the previous evening came vividly into her mind: what a night! She felt sated, but a little uncomfortable. Her ass.

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