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So he went for it again and she let him. They kissed for 1min and honest it was the best thing ever. I was rock hard. When we was going home, he told to sit back of car and whilst I drove he started kissing her in the back. He also started feeling her up. I said please be careful this is too risky. He told me to shutup n put some music on so I did. They kissed and he was all over her neck and his hands were on her breasts. Then we got close to home and she was heavily turned on and even. This just got me hornier and I wanked his cock as I licked his swollen helmet, he groaned in pleasure and then without warning my mouth was full of his thick cum; I swallowed as fast as I could but still some dripped from my mouth onto his balls. When I had swallowed what was in my mouth, Danny told me to clean up the rest of the mess and I eagerly licked up the cum that I had spilled.My cock was solid under my jeans and I wondered when or if I would get to have an orgasm; as I knelt back,. 5 minutes seemed like 5 years before the bathroom door opened. Sundari came out with just her petty coat covering her body.Before she could walk into her bedroom she was shocked to see her son stand naked in front of her. Before she could utter a word, he hugged her and kissed her on her lips. The warmth of his lips made her melt into him. After a 5 minute lip lock he parted his lips from hers.Shanker casually stripped the petty coat covering her body off her body. As the cloth fell down. Stand up." Sarah said.I stood up and she poured the oil all over my cock and stroked me. It felt so good. Then she bent back over on the bed and pulled the used panties out of her ass. She took the oil and poured some in her ass hole and worked it in with her fingers."I don't think you need instructions." she said.I walked over and very gently punctured her tight taboo hole with my cock. The head popped through and the shaft then glided right in due to the slickness of the oil. "Fuck me and.

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