Back home I parked in my usual place, headed in the back door, stopped in the mud room to put the baby oil away and headed down to my room. I heard Mo... call out "Hut, that you?"I called back "Yeah Mom, I'm in my room". I heard her come down the stairs and in a moment she was in my doorway. She came in and asked "How's Aunt Jessie. Did you help her sore shoulder and neck?"I told her "Yeah, I think I did. She said it was good, anyway".Mom sat down on the side of my bed. When she did the front of. The app on his phone was one part of the pair that I’d coded myself and the button was actually a photo of a vagina with “Go!” printed on it. I figured he’d get a kick out of it.“K, it says ‘Please wait, socket connecting,’,” he said. There was a few moments of silence before the screen flashed and changed.When it did, the screen was divided into two halves, top and bottom. The top half showed Brent’s face while the bottom half was completely black. Black, that was, until I lifted the phone up. .. uh ... a little,” he stammered.“Just a little,” Andee replied as she looked directly into his eyes. She moved her hand from his belt buckle down along the fly of his pants, pressing just hard enough to trace the outline of the stiffness that was growing inside them.She leaned against Dustin so if anyone saw them, they wouldn’t be able to see her hand as she gently rubbed his hardening erection.“How long has it been, Dustin?” she whispered softly without looking at his face.“A ... long .... Her otherhand continued to hold my chin as she stared at my made-upface. Very briefly, she brought her face close to mine, andtouched her lips to mine. It wasn't really a kiss, but abrushing of our lips. I could feel myself melting into her,becoming her. My eye shadow, the same shade as hers,blended into her. My lipstick, also in her shade, began toblur into hers. Her way of owning me was to re-create me inher image. My hair, dyed the same auburn color and done inher razor-cut shag style,.

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