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I guess it could have ... GOD LUCY FUCK MY PUSSY ... could have been that," she finally managed. "Or maybe it was ... OH FUCK ... the audiences reacti...n ... OOHH FUUCCCKKKK ... to you singing that song--" she reached up and began to massage Lucy's small breasts and bullet-like nipples "--while he was ramming his big thick 10-inch cock up your cunt ... FUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEE ... without missing a note. But no, that's not what I'm talking about and you know it."Lara Fabian laughed as she squeezed her. I watched as Tessa’s fingers undid the clasp in the valley between her breasts and the material sprang open, though it somehow managed to still cover the young breasts as Tessa’s tongue and lips explored ever lower. As Melissa stroked the hair of her lover she lifted her eyes and looked at me in the eye. There was no look of challenge and certainly none of embarrassment. She looked at me as if to say, “This is me. I hope you approve, but do not need your approval.” Her eye then looked down. I didn't understand why I was falling. I felt like all the strength was just running out of me then I found myself sitting on the ground, my shirt getting red with blood. Melissa looked down at me then as the mugger tried to get up and run she ran at him, moving faster than I could see clearly and threw him to the ground. She took our things from him then was back on me. I could swear her eyes were glowing but put it down to the shock of being shot, she put her hand over my stomach and the. Anyway, while I was swiping left and right on tinder, I came across Shikha. She was my coaching friend and we were connected on facebook too. Seems she was in Bhopal that time (she was working in IT firm in Mumbai). So, I just swiped up (super-liked her) with no intention other than teasing her in a friendly way. Now let me describe her a bit.. Shikha is one hell of a cute girl, had a great figure.. 36-26-36 to be precise which I came to know later.Now, coming back to the story.. nothing.

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