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Finally, my cock fell from her pussy. We had a shortdiscussion, unneeded of course, about the need fordiscretion. I cleaned up, dressed and went home....e continued to find a way to fuck each other 3 or 4times a week. Being 24, I was able to keep her and mywife happy.Teri’s other passion was bowling. She had to travel outof town overnight for a tournament once and it wasdecided she would be safer if I went. We figured to geta lot of fucking in but I didn’t dream how much.At the. With each passing moment, the room became more drenched with the silence until it was so saturated, I could barely breathe.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Ryan…. Ryan! Let me in!” When I tried the handle, I found the door was unlocked and I let myself into his bedroom. I found him sitting rigidly at his desk, staring at a blank computer screen. “Ryan, what’s—“ He suddenly turned to me,“What the fuck is your problem, Ben? Why the hell would you be. On the way home from mother's Robert explained that recently, at times, he was experiencing a compulsion to dress as a woman. He didn't want to 'dress' behind my back and would like my cooperation, hopefully my approval. I didn't like that at all as Robert was a very virile man, frankly I was worried that he would become effeminate full time and our marriage would be destroyed. I asked him to hold off for a while to give me time to think his request through, and he agreed.A few weeks later I. Hegave me a bit of a strange look, but took the carnations and placedthem in a vase. They weren't much to look at, but their scent waswonderful. He asked me if I was hungry. I told him that I could eat. I sat at the kitchen table while he prepared a salad with fresh tunasprinkled throughout. "You know, you could have told me that the lettuce was spinach," hesaid and laughed. I laughed with him and replied that I didn't thinkhe'd have eaten it if he'd known. He kept the conversation light.

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