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Rhythmic bumps, a muffled voice? Two voices? It's really hard to tell... With one heavy bag of luggage in each hand he hurries along the hallway towar...s the source of the commotion. Room 4.69. Standing right in front of the door he thinks he can even perceive muffled screams mixed with slapping and bumping. Is someone being beaten up in there?? Stephan's getting really nervous. He's always shied away from conflict let alone physical altercations. But he can't act like nothing's happening. He. I walked in and the place was super crowded. I had been to the Pack Shack many times before but never during the week at this time. As I walked in I felt the flood of feelings when I am aroused for cock - I feel slutty, horny, need for humiliation - my cock gets hard, my ass starts to loosen up, and my body starts to quiver. There were a lot of blue collar workers milling around the front of the store so I decided to walk around to look over the studs before going in the back video booths. I. We started conversation as how I am, how she is, how things are going and all and she thanked me I asked for what she told about incident took in event. I said its ok (I didn’t know what to tell for that) she asked why didn’t I tell her directly or message me directly, I said I felt it wasn’t good talking about that to a girl for which she said not to hesitate, you can talk directly to me.The moment I heard those words I told her to cover her bra. She told she knew it is visible she wanted to. Please stand up." She went to the corner of the office and placed a large board with a lot of padding on the desk. "Please bend over, again." Now my feet barely touched the floor. Then she reached down and spread my feet apart as she said; "I always want your legs spread apart when I spank you."Now I felt totally exposed for my spanking. This position made me very aware that my penis and balls were dangling between my legs, also totally exposed."Since this is your first spanking at my.

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