" But we couldn't possibly afford this place." Oh I think you could, if you didn't have to save." Now you've got me confused." It's simple, really. Yo... live here pay rent to my agent. I put the money into an account and in three years or so, when you want to move on, or I want to come back, I give you what is in the account as your deposit on a house." Oh Daddy, would you really do that for me." For my only daughter of course I would." But why bother with the agent? We would save even more if. Mary threw her body forward to escape the scratching nails but reached the end of her chains. Slowly she felt the nails scratching down to her lower back. Frank kneeled down and pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Let’s see what we have here,” he smiled. Mary’s cheeks where pulled apart roughly and Frank stared at her ass. Mary cried and mumbled behind her scarf but was ignored by Frank. “God damn,” Frank mumbled, “You even got hairs around your asshole.” He moved his fingers to Mary’s little hole,. At the same time he repeated the stunt that had made her cum so hard when he was fucking her. He squeezed her tits so hard that the flesh seemed to ooze out between his fingers. The stacked step-mother screeched as her climax possessed her. She clutched Tony’s head in a death grip as her hips bucked against nothing from the violent convulsions of her soaking wet pussy. When her man finally let go of her breasts her hands went limp on his head and she collapsed on the floor, her entire body. ...That's it, right there." As I continued working her ankle, she surprised me by lowering her other leg until it rested on the pillow sitting in my lap. Her foot was now resting on the pillow, inches away from my hard young cock. There was no doubt that her resting foot could feel my bulge underneath. I finished with her ankle and I brought her foot up to my mouth. Mum responded the first time I blew on her foot, so I decided to do it again. I started at the heel and blew circles up her arch..

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