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I pulled into the parking area and noticed that the "rooms" were behind the main office and cars there would be out of sight from the road. 'PERFECT,'...I thought, and got out of the car and walked towards the door of the office. It was dark inside so I knocked on the door and rang the bell a couple of times. Finally I heard a voice whining, "Okay, OKAY! Keep your shirt on, I'm comin'! Ding danged tourists! Can't let a man get his sleep! Always comin' round in the middle of the dadblasted night!". I heard him yell out " thanx for cleaning my room mom" iyelled thorugh the room your welcome i heard him laugh i thought i just said ''your well cum'' i thought i couldnt stop thinking about nasty things all nite i tossed and turned.The next day i heard a KNock on my bedroom door " Mom Im going to school now can u clean my room for me again?" i thought what? why the change of heart, im caught....i went out of my bedroom for the first time sinece yesterdays embarressment.I walked around he. My real mom stayed with my brother and used to teach at the local school near his apartment. I had always been in boarding school and was never too close to either of my parents. My dad wanted me to take over the family business so that he could retire in 10 years.So here I was after leaving London, alone, having broken up with my MBA girlfriend recently. I didn’t know what to expect. The first time I knew dad had a second wife was a year ago when he sent a wedding card. Obviously, I didn’t go.. Waters' cunt spasming on her cock, she started slamming deep inside the woman's depths. She rammed the full length of her dick into her teacher over and over again, loving the feeling of the mature pussy gripping her young shaft.Teacher and student were lost in a haze of lust and fucking as Cadence hammered her dick home for the better part of a half hour. She finally couldn't take it anymore and thrust deep inside Mrs. Waters before orgasming. She pumped her seed into the woman's womb, filling.

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