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Now she had surrendered to me completely and my right hand was playing with her all private parts, including her swollen pussy, over the saree. I thin... she was not wearing the panty and had shaved her pussy as I did not feel the hairs while pressing and caressing her cunt over saree. I shifted myself down between her legs and sat on ground on knees and lifted her left leg and started to kiss and lick the leg from foot towards up and she was enjoying all the kissing and licking by me with moans. Me ne uske gher ki bell banai tu us ne nahi khola me ne phir se bell bajaii phir nahi khola tu phir me ne lambi bell bajaii tu kuch dair me us ne darwaza khola tu me sidha ander ghus gia aur us ne mere piche darwaza band ker dia. Phir hum dono aik doosre ki ankhon me dekhte rahe aur phir me ne baghair kuch kahe us ko apni bahon me bher lia aur us ke badan ki kushbu songhne laga.Kia feeling this us ki garam aur naram body aur us ki smell ne mujhe paghal ker dia. Us ko smell kerte kerte me us ki. ..”“Ah,” I replied. That single sound offered no glimpse into the arousing thoughts which swept into my head with Peyton’s words. “That’s fun, I seem to remember...”Peyton watched me a moment, then looked down at her hands, “Yeah...”“Did your dad know ... about you and your boyfriend ... doing stuff?”“Yeah,” my granddaughter replied, “he made me get an IUD cause he didn’t want me to get pregnant...”“Sounds reasonable ... guess that means you weren’t using condoms?”She shrugged, appearing less. The following week there was a family meeting three of the girls (the three youngest) had missed their periods, excuse me, had no-one ever thought of contraception, so here I am getting screwed by everyone and now three of my sisters-in-law are pregnant, oh happy days, I spoke to the girls asking them if it may be a good idea if they at least used condoms from here, they all shook their heads, if I could get the three youngest pregnant, I could get the rest done as well, seems they all wanted a.

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Big black pussy

Big black pussy

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Big Boobs

Big Boobs

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