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The police man asked me to tell him what had happened so i did the police also said they had taken a blood sample from with my mom consent and i was n...gative for being under the influence.(but that i ready new because i hadnt drunk anything that night) the police officer said "get some sleep and recover im sorry sorry for what happened to you" i smiled but i noticed my teeth was all broken and few days later i was released from the hospital but was told to have bed rest from the next two weeks. "Venerable leader, we must do something before they remove the sacred body of our Goddess to a foreign land!"The ancient withered man with the jeweled staff of authority looked at young Amentop and choose his words carefully."You are correct, my loyal follower of Neferuptah, and we will do just that before the Sun clears the sacred pyramid."The band of religiously garbed zealots stirred at the words and their hands moved to their hidden daggers. Was it time at long last?"Come closer, my. While she rolled my hair, she asked me aboutmyself."Are you a local or a student?" she asked. I toldher that I was a student majoring in business.She then asked in I was living in a dorm, asorority (oops, I mean a fraternity) or in anapartment and if I had a roommate. I told herthat I lived by myself in a ground level apartmentwith a private entrance not too far from hersalon. Tina asked why I wanted to have my hairdone in a beauty salon. I told her that my life-long fantasy was to have my hair. I found myself laughing often as he was a very good story teller. My hair fell into my face as I was washing dishes and my hands were soapy. I felt Leo take his fingers and push my hair back off my face. Our eyes locked and we held this gaze for more than a minute. In this instance my body was trembling, there was a tension between us but I was not sure what. I quickly looked down into the soapy water, and changed the conversation. “So when are you marrying my sister?” I.

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