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My head snapped to the side before I felt the sting of her slap on my face, forcing a small groan to escape through my gritted teeth. “I didn’t s...y you could touch any of me you little fuck,” she snapped at me. Her fingers were now working three at a time in and out of her pussy while her other hand returned behind her for balance. “Then what am I doing here?,” I asked I earnest. She grabbed me aggressively by the hair. “You’re doing what I say at the moment. Understand me?!” It was an. When she spoke, her voice had a slight edge to it. "Hi, Diane. Can we talk later? I'm almost late for class."Heather had been the one to see the third student that Nyssa took. It had taken her awhile to get the kid to tell her his name. Unfortunately he was a freshman, so Heather had no idea who he was just from sight. She had barely had enough time to fetch her books from her locker as the time crept closer to the hour."How much later?" Diane demanded. "After last class?" Ye... no. Can it wait. ..............................................................................."Oh for fucks sake" said Beatrice, a big girl of twenty years as she queued for a seat on an urgently needed toilet bowl.Sixteen girls of various ages and sizes were straining to shit whilst another sixteen were desperately clenching their asshole sphincters tightly close for fear of shitting themselves."Fuck off Beatrice" said Penelope, a younger slim blonde girl who was poised delicately on the shitter seat. "We. "No, I don't think I can," Amy said cautiously."Over in Charlotte's cabin is the sister of the guy who killed Ruby. She found out I terminated his existence, so she sought me out. I had no idea who she was; she walked right up to me and slid a knife into my stomach." Oh God! At least it wasn't too bad!" Amy, it was a six inch blade. It went all the way in, and made a mess. Ten minutes later I'd stopped bleeding and the wound was closed. The next morning I was pretty chipper and the next evening.

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