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There was a pause.“Oh yes, yes, no problem. No, no problem at all. Have to stand still of course, and I’d need to set up a darkroom. The plates ha...e to be developed within fifteen minutes, you see. But I’m working on different chemicals, should get more stable.”Jake arranged a time for George to come to Victoria’s Secrets to demonstrate. On the way out Jake communicated the appointment to Mrs Wills, working on the principle that George would probably forget. She agreed that she would do her. He watched as their combined juices ran from her and dripped onto his cock and groin. When he looked up again she was still watching him. She smiled. “Waste not, want not,” she said, swinging one leg over and dropping to his cock in a flash. With her eyes fixed on his she slowly licked up their juicy mixture. When she had cleaned him off she moved up above his face and showed him her mouthful of cum. Slowly she leaned down to kiss him and he opened his mouth. He had tasted his own cum and he. He looked down at my exposed breast ‘Oh Luv…’ He rolled my nipple between his fingers and I stroked him faster. I bit my lower lip as he pinched it and rolled it between his fingers. I took the seat belt off and hoped Dex wouldn’t have to slam on the brakes for any reason. I moved back a bit to bend over and put my head in Josh’s lap. I continued to stroke his shaft a bit and he adjusted his body so that I could go down on him without any thing in the way. I took him in my mouth and he. He mother looked alarmed as she hurried towards me, but I reassured herthat the flowers would indeed be carried to lie before The Goddess in herinner sanctum where only the priestesses may go, and I watched mother anddaughter depart with happy smiling faces.When you in the future read this, will your world be so different thatmine will be hard to understand? Is it possible that the ramblings of anold woman, even though she be the High Priestess of The Goddess will bedismissed as of no account?.

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