Northindian College Girl fucked by her BF in Campus

We left at lunch today and he took me to his house. As soon as we entered the foyer, he spun me around and began kissing me passionately. I don't norm...lly kiss these guys but it was his birthday so I let it slide. I wore a dress knowing it would be the easiest thing to get off and on when we messed around. He got my dress off skillfully and removed my bra as well. He was shocked at the size of my tits. He had heard they were large but I hide them well as you know so he was surprised to see the. When he looked at me, I went weak in the knees. I wouldn’t say this to anyone else but yo, but he made my pussy feel funny too. I tried, you know. My tight little tank tops, usually white and I wore a black bra under it. They really highlighted my B-cup breasts. Tight jeans, really too tight. I’ve been told that I have a nice ass. I don’t really know, you be the judge. I just wanted him to notice me. If he did, then, well I don't know really, what I would do. Today it was hot out, a Georgia. Suddenly the flow of milk was slow and I took out my mouth from her breast. Anita madam saw my mouth it was all spread with milk, my lips were wet and saliva was dripping out from my mouth, this made Anita madam mad she started kissing me on my lips still shagging my dick with her hand. She was completely lost sucking my lips. She first licked my saliva spread on my mouth then slowly started sucking my lower lips and slowly came up and started sucking my upper lips. The feeling was very. I always had a fantasy to take bath with some sexy girl or lady, and these fantasy of my was fulfilled before few months back which I am narrating to all my desi friends.This all happen six months back. I had a nice and very good friend and her name was Geeta, now let me describe Geeta. Geeta had a gorgeous figure 38D-26-36, 5’8”; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; brown eyes and a killer smile. I always had a fantasy to have sex with her, but as she was a very good friend on.

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