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She polished what silver they had for three nights running. And tried to decide what she would do.And, now, she stood in her nightgown, rubbing her ey...s and looking at the morning sun over the city. In the year since Rod had seen her, she had changed. Her face was somehow older with the beginnings of hard lines on her cheeks and an odd look in her eyes. It seemed sad at times. Other times it seemed to smoke with a repressed emotion. A kind of masochistic smile on her lips when she looked that. ”The Starbucks isn’t crowded like the last time she was here. There’s no way to get out the front without Abby seeing her. She waits until she hears Abby’s name called, watches her pick up the drink, then slips into the manager’s office.“Uh miss, can I help you?” A portly woman in a starbucks uniform, working on a computer, looks up at her.Thank goodness, there’s a door behind her leading to the back. “Sorry I’m late. My name wasn’t on the schedule.” She walks towards the door. “I’ll get my. Amanda and Katie appear to have connected very well and are having a great time dancing. After a few minutes, Andrew commented on how attractive Amanda was and James raised his glass in agreement. We continued to banter amongst ourselves and after ten minutes the girls arrived back at the table arm in arm flushed and breathless. We order another round and Katie observes that its 11 p.m. and that we should see in the New Year back at Andrew's villa as it has a spa and is right on the beach, and. The wyvern let out another hissing screech as his throbbing dick, covering in tiny spines, rubbed on my cheek. I grasped it with my hand, stroking his dick, his spines teasing my palm.A second cock bobbed next to the first, brushing the back of my hand.My eyes widened. I explored this strange, yet exciting, development. Two thick cocks for me to play with. My hand followed the first dick back and found they formed a Y with the second, the pair thrusting off a central shaft right after they.

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