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“This map has such high resolution,” concluded Emily, “that we know exactly which store to search for in each spiral. All we have to do is count...the distance. You can tell from the exact placements of the six stairwells. Red, Black, and Blue Malls are entered on the inside arc, and the other three Party Malls on the outside arc. The images line up perfectly with the geometry.”“Emily,” prodded Hannah, “tell him about the end stores.”“Oh yeah. This is interesting. Assuming all the spirals are. But the man was nowhere to be found.The evening meal — which was undercooked — was held without the king being present, a fact that was remarked on by all at the high table. Brother Charles (he couldn't think of himself as being a father, not this way) felt that he should go and offer support.As he approached the king's chambers he was stopped by the guards. "I wouldn't go in there, Father; he's still in a foul mood. But his colour's changed — he's only light green now." The guard gave a small. Brad appeared to have tremendous power, while Kim seemed to almost flow effortlessly through the water. It was clear to her that Kim could have pulled away in an instant if she wanted to.Finally they finished and Lisa led the way back to the room they had shared. The shower was easily large enough for three, so they all shared and had a wonderful time both washing and tickling each other. For as long as she could remember, she had loved Brad Kramer. Now she found that she loved Kimberly just as. This has lead to your fellow knights giving you respect, but also to many of them feeling distrustful of what you could do.Many admired you, not only because of your knighthood, but because you were also considered one of the most beautiful women on the kingdom. Despite your intense training your body was kept lean, with the muscles seeming to accentuate your figure beautifully, you also had a tan from being outside so often. Your face was picture of feminine charm, seeming sharp and smooth,.

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