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It was aimed at the toilet.He was jerking off.Beth’s pool party was forgotten. The fact that Rick was married was forgotten. The chill of the AC, th... quiet of the house, and my wobbly equilibrium after three beers – all of it was forgotten as I stepped inside and shut the door behind me, locking it.Rick looked over at me and snickered quietly. He was drunker than I.“Go use the other bathroom, you pervert,” he said, not really meaning it. I could tell.“It’s in Beth’s bedroom and I don’t want to. "I reach out for him allowing him to lift me up, his arms holding my 130 pounds around my beautifully toned waist and soft rear end. I look him in the eyes. I put my arms around his neck pulling him in for some deep tongue. We stay locked like this as my left arm reaches to unzip his fly and find his strong, thick member.Little jack is wide awake and responding to my handshake. I love to feel his warmth knowing full well what's in store. It makes me feel so good to please him. It's a real power. Breaking apart breathlessly, Raven pushed Kat down onto her back. She kissed down the girl's belly, using her chin to rub Kat's pussy mound. With a grin, she purred against the redhead's clothed pussy. Wiggling, Kat tried to push her pussy into Raven's face. “Like that, baby?” Raven purred. Humming louder to make harder vibrations, Raven attacked the bigger girl's pussy. She reached beneath Kat and pulled the suit down and off her. Kat, bashful now, closed her legs. Bending her knees, she. I mean I would very much like to touch you, mistress. Well, I’m afraid that won’t be possible… What do I taste like? Excellent, mistress. Good boy. Please touch me, mistress! Oh no, I will not. You don’t deserve pleasure! Make me cum!! Lick as hard as you can or pay the price!! *ooooohhh* Don’t stop!! Harder!! Faster!! *aaaaaaahh* Just like that!! *aaaaaaahh* YES! YES! YES! > I’m cummiiiiiing!!! Thank you mistress. This is phase 3. What was that again? You just lie back and relax.

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