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I had just got out the shower when I heard the doorbell ring, damn I wasn’t even dry so I grabbed a pair of white sports shorts quickly and a towel ...nd headed down to the door, white was the wrong colour as I was still wet and they had become somewhat transparent. Sophie smiled as I opened the door, “Wow granddad, I didn’t realize you lived so close to my bestie Emma” she said excitedly as I invited her in, she looked at me in my wet shorts and towel around my shoulders, “Oh! Did I come too. “I'm being serious, I haven't got time for this! But we can do it again later tonight if you want?” Jenny stood and shaved the last few drops into the toilet. I continued to wank as she pulled on her skirt and shoes. She couldn't find her bra so gave up its search almost immediately. I didn't skip a beat in my jerking.“Oh Jenny, seeing those heavenly tits under that blouse is something else! Oh fucking hell, I'm gonna cum. Watch me blow my load! You made me do this, here it fucking comes you. Don't ask me why. I, on the other hand, knew about my wife and her boss from the start. I’d always been excited about it and when my wife told me she wanted to go on the pill, it got my blessing. “As we’re doing it so often, we should make sure that accidents don’t happen,” she said when she told me of her plans.She didn't mention that another reason for wanting to abandon condoms was to increase the pleasure and that she wanted to feel his cock bare when they made love. But she didn't have to. He asked me if this was what i truly wanted, and something came over me,i Kissed him again, but this time with tongues and slid a hand down toCrotch and he had a massive hard on.He unzipped his jeans, and lowered his Boxers and Jeans to the floor. Iknew what to do next. I dropped to my knees and started to kiss hisMassive Penis. "Put you lips round it Kelli" I dutifully obliged andbegan to suck him long and hard. I used one hand to massage his massiveBalls and with the other started to Wank.

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