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I had just come out of a bad relationship and was feeling very lonely and horny one Sunday morning, I was doing my usual to relive that itch, I put on...a corset and clad my legs in my favourite stockings and slowly started stroking my cock. I had a few drinks the night before so my inhibitions were down, despite my head hurting and I wished somebody could see me dressed up, being seen wearing stockings is a big turn on. I was browsing videos when I thought I would take a look the Mistress I had. I went and played with the doll sitting on her big cock and fucking my ass deep for a while making sure I was ready for his big cock and clean. I even took her in my mouth and got my mouth ready for his big cock. I made sure my toes were nice and polished and put on my heels and went out to the front room and sat and waited. I was getting excited when I heard a car and went and checked outside and saw them. I made sure the door was unlocked and sat back down and soon they walked inside. I. . funny crazy. You never know what she’s gonna say or do. She’s lots of fun to have around and she’s a really good friend.”“Does she have the world’s sweetest lips like these?” I asked as I took my forefinger and traced it slowly around her broad thick lips.“Mmmmm ... well ... no. I guess not.” She said with a soft sigh.“Does she have beautiful breasts like these?” I asked as I slid my hand beneath her silky top and let my fingers play over her warm young tit-flesh. I could hear her breathing. I went to the lounge car and he went back to his seat to do some work. I was amazed at the morning views that were to be had and yet the fucking I was about to receive that evening. Then a attendant on the train brought me a note and It was from Taylor. It read," meet me in the restroom downstairs tonight baby...I have some lube and my fingers so your beautiful ass is mine." I was nervous...I hadn't been fucked like this even though several women have fucked me but not in this way. You know the.

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