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Our kids aren't noisy other than when having a lot of fun."Sharon thought about that for a minute, and said, "You're right. Those kids aren't fussy or...disruptive. I could stand having a kid like that. My sister's kids are both monsters who cry and scream all the time. I couldn't handle that. Do you think your kids will be the same?"Lisa told her, "I'm sure of it. You'll be around, you'll see."We were getting close to time to descend to land, so Sharon got up to sit with Etta, and Lisa got back. I tentatively sent out my right hand in her direction. My elongated index finger poked at her waist, like I was testing the firmness of a steak. It was the barest of contacts, but it sent an electrical surge right through my body and right along my dick to the very tip. As the rest of my right hand joined the index finger on the hot, firm flesh of Mom’s narrow waist, she too, gave out an audible groan. Then she gave me my second instruction:Kiss me. I grabbed hold of Mom with both hands and. Margaret continued to lick me, driving me crazy. I longed for her to just start moving her lips up and down and up and down and let me cum in her mouth. But this was not to be, and I knew it. I started thrusting my hips so that my penis went in and out of her mouth, but she said "Uh-uh!" and stopped altogether, so I turned her over and spread her legs apart and felt her up all over, almost getting to her clit every time. I caressed her breasts, her thighs, her hips, the inside of her thighs,. It a very traditional school with a strict dress code as headmaster i am dressed in full cap and gown, the girls wear flat black pumps, knee high white socks knee length pleated tartan skirt with white blouse and their hair must be worn in pigtails at all time.The lesson is going well as I teach the girls about the birds and the bees, as I write on the blackboard all I can hear is one girl giggling and making rude remarks about the size of the penis I am drawing to show the reproductive organs..

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