It was the first time Sherry 2 ever complied with my request. We split up for a while and she went to Aspen to ski while I stayed in school and hit th... books. She showed up on my doorstep two months later. ‘I have a cabin ten miles out of town in the snow with a wood burning stove for heat. ‘ It all sounded so romantic! I packed my bags and went to the Rockies and Sherry’s cabin. Everything went well for about a month. Then we went dancing at the Aspen Inn where she was working as a maid.. "Don't you say a word." Though her voice is gentle, it has a blade that even in his drugged state he knew to fear and obey.She runs her hands down his bare chest to the loincloth that tented up with his arousal. She pulls the offending cloth from his hips and leans down, that glorious tongue of her starting at the base of his cock, moving up to circle his head. Then he groans as he feels himself slip into that long, exquisite muzzle. He can feel his body trembling, feel droplets of precum leave. Her long black hair enhanced her dark skin and her dark skin enhanced the pink inside of her pussy. When she asked me about anal sex I lied to her and said that I had tried it with Miss Amour and that I had enjoyed it. So in reality I slipped my cock into her asshole first. I didn’t think that Miss Amour would care and I really wanted to have something special to remember that exotic beauty by. I not only had the image burned into my head but I had a few pictures of it too. She was on her back. Kai got in opposite her and passed her the champagne flute, tapping together saying cheers! They both sipped at the champagne and let the bubbles roll all over them luxuriating at the feel on their bodies.Kai shuffled towards her, pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, seeking out her tongue with his and making her weak at the knees once again, his body on hers felt so natural and she melted into his silky skin, kissing him back with as much passion as she had in her.Kai circled her.

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