Sister seducing me

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I just had to select a tape and put one on, and I loved what I got to see.It was one night after school and I’d chosen a video about a teenage girl ...eing seduced by her uncle while he was left to baby-sit her. Earlier that day I’d read in the self help columns of Mizz – a magazine for young teens – about a girl who’d been using her toothbrush as a sex toy. It gave me inspiration. So there I was armed with my cleaned electric toothbrush – the one that vibrated side to side – sitting on the sofa. “Do it!” Kevin whispered. “Consequences be damned,” Liu replied. I glanced over at Liu’s parents and I could see them shaking their heads “no”. My mom approached our table, her face red with anger and embarrassment. “Ok, you two. THIS has gone far enough. Kait, put your dress on and act like a proper bride. And as for you, son-in-law, you better start behaving yourself in front of the family,” she chastised. Liu was not impressed with her feeble attempt at controlling the situation. He flagged. My thumb pressed onto her clitoris, that swollen little nub which protruded from her inner lips. She screamed. 'Fuck me, fuck me hard with your fingers. Please make me cum. God you are so good at this, so evil!' I grinned and plunged my fingers back into her, adding a third and using my forefinger to massage her rosebud asshole. I sank my finger into her pulsing anus to the second joint and then left it there, gripped tightly by the contractions of her orgasm. My second and third. “So, how do I look?”“Super sexy and good enough to eat!” Karen was wearing the same style dress as Lisa has, the wraparound gathered barely covered her breasts and the side hem almost didn’t cover her pussy.“Hold that thought until tomorrow. Do you want me to come home with John’s fresh cum in my pussy for you to lick out?”“Yes, I do.”“I feel like such a slut and I love it!”“Will it feel awkward possibly staying the night with John?”“Yes, it will. Luckily he and Lisa had a good talk with their.

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