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Khana khane ke bad hum log tv dekhne lage aur tino khoob hasi mazak bachpan ki baten yaad karke enjoy karne lage.Sham 4 baje ghumne ke liye gardan cha...e gaye.Hum ne ice cream aur bhel khaya gardan me ghuma aur wahin per thodi der baten karte hue baith gaye.Seema mujhse bilkul chipak kar baith gayi rima ye sab kuch observe karrahi thi shayad.(usne halki si muskan di) aur hum idhar udhar ki baten karne lage tabhi seema ki ek saheli ka phone aaya ke aur uski shaadi hone wali thi isliye usne seema. I got him to video me sucking him this always makes me perform better, I went deep throat then just sucked the head then i got both his balls in my mouth, he was dry so I spat on his cock this looked like cum and made his cock look dark purple and sexy and made it easier for me to take the whole of his 5.5 inches which wasn't much of a challenge as I've took 8" but it's a delicious cock to suck and nice and thick.It felt so horny and i felt the need to taste his cum so I wanked and sucked using. I went behind her. My crotch was touching her butt. I guided her on how to play.Me: Now try again!This time she did a nice break.Amy: Yay! I’m going to beat you now.She asked me to help her some more. This time I grabbed her boob with my right hand while I helped her with my left.Oh my, she is liking me touching her boob. She aimed and then shot the ball. Number 7 went into the hole.Amy: Yay! It went in! Dad, can we get something to drink?Me: Sure, I’ll be back in a second.I left to buy some. You're just so easy to talk to; you understand me. Maybe Lynda would open up to you too. When you go home tonight, why don't you offer her a drink. Flirt with her a bit and let her know you're interested. She'll reject your advances, but you can blame your behavior on the drinks, and apologize for your behavior; maybe telling her it's partly her fault for being so sensuous. Then when she gets home, I'll encourage her to let you have your way with her," almost begging him to use my wife."Don't.

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