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"H-hello?" She answered, quite out of breath."Hi baby! How come you're out of breath?" Craig asked."Oh I was just thinking of you and playing with mys...lf," She lied."Wonderful! I can't wait to see you too! I'll be arriving in a couple of hours." That's great! I can't wait to see you," Susan bit her tongue as she swore to herself.After saying her good-bye's, Susan returned to Marty's room. Marty frowned when he saw the dejected look on his sister's otherwise pretty face. He knew what the look. Or khala mojhe banhoon mein liye baithi rahi, Kafi dair tak ham yoonhi baithe rahe phir mein ne thori si himat ki or apna aik hath aage la ker on ki chatioon pe rakh diya or halka halka sa dibane laga, khala ne koyi reponse nahi diya phir mein ne apna moon khala ki chatiyoo se ragraa to bhi khala koch nahi booli. Phir mein ne khala ki chatiyoon ko aik haat se zoor se dabaya, to khala ne kaha ke kiya howa to mein kaha ke khala mojhe shayed neind aany lagi he is liye mojhe neind ka jhatka laga to. Buddy based on the floor with his hands and I put my hands under his thighs then we proceed, I began lifting his ass up and let it down softly, up and down, up and down. It was a pleasant jumping game, we sighed all the time. We were too slow but so filled with ecstasy. Then without a reason we stopped but that wasn’t the end, we just changed the plan, Buddy stood up, I creamed my cock again, Buddy turned 180 now we are facing each other. There were some towels hanging from the towel hanger. . and I shuddered internally ... my muscles actually shivered and contracted and a surge of pleasure shot through my tummy and down through my genitals. I was sure at this point there was some thick moisture at the top of my cock that was so long and hard now that it was peaking out of the top of my underpants."Might be a worm hole . . . can't be sure. Nothing inside . . ." Bob whispered and his fingers continued around my belly button going in larger and larger circles until he was going from.

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