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More than once, I had to pull over and cry.All the while, I could only wonder one thing: Why?It was dark by the time I got there. Don and Suzie lived ...n an exclusive suburban neighbourhood. You know the kind: the houses start at three quarters of a million dollars and all look the same. Four thousand square feet, brick façade cookie-cutter homes.I pulled into the driveway next to McKayla's BMW and got out. The lights were on inside.Wiping the tears from my eyes, I went to the door. I knocked. Oh it was a long time my aunt said. I said yeah but after a long fasting she was going to have a special meal that’s me ha ha ha! I licked her pussy n fingering it 4 an hour. My aunt was at her peek at was going to cum. I teased her with my brother n inserted it to the heaven slowly moving up n down slowly but surely…My aunt said c’mon bitch fuck me she was crying n dying for me to cum .but I was very slowly enjoying her pussy. I finally gave her a deep thrust ahhhh mm oooo iiiiiiiii bitch. She came and came and came. I think Maritza was fully, intensely aroused by having another man’s cock up in her pussy while she was talking to Donnie.Maritza had fallen forward and laid out on me, catching her breath, “Fuck that was a good one, Dean.” I had rubbed over her ass, loving the feel of those magnificent breasts pressed between us. And then, I had gently rolled her over. My cock had slipped out of her pussy. I had loomed over her for a time, jiggling her jugs, kissing those. “So you went up to him and said hey Scott, I’m married but I’d like you to fuck me, could you be discreet about it?”“No that’s not how it happened”.“Then tell me how it happened?”“When I discussed your problems with Charlotte, she suggested Scott as the perfect solution. She said he was polite, unclingy and she said he doesn’t brag about conquests or anything like that.”“It sounds like she was speaking from experience?”“Scott and her were once an item.”“Before she was married?”“No Gary, but.

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