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I approached Crystal as she lined up another shot."I'm going to guide your swing," I said, reaching around from her backside to her front and gripping...her hands that held the club."You feel nice," she said leaning back into me."Stand properly," I chastised. "Now relax."I propelled her swing, but the ball didn't go very far."Relax," I said. "Let me do it. You just feel it." I can't feel it. It's not hard." Crystal's innuendo slipped right past me."If it's not hard then you should be able to hit. Tawny told me about it one night, after I had pinned her to the bed and been rough with her. I did that when I wanted to be in control of my orgasm, and she said she loved being flopped around helplessly.Anyway, she said that, whenever she was in Rudy’s bed, she always teased him about the fact that Sam was in mine. She said she asked him things like, “I wonder what Bobby’s doing to Sam right now? Do you suppose he has his cock in her, like yours is in me?” She said that always made him crazy,. It was a secret she didn’t tell anyone because she considered any vulnerability or lack of confidence a weakness.She was still hesitant to undress and counting on Rally to chicken out so she could put her clothes back on. She was already feeling embarrassed as her nipples hardened after her brother made that comment “And Leonard, stop looking at my tits. This is going to be you turds one and only chance to get a glimpse before I put my bra back on.”“So wouldn’t I want to look since it’s my one. " Wegiggle and I once again wink at her.We reach the lobby and the guys let us off first, I think just so theycan look at our asses. Then in about the middle of the lobby Lexi turnsto me and said have fun and I will call you this week to set it up. Wedo the double girl hand shake and turn and go our separate ways.Once again I notice my heels clicking on the marble floor and go towardsthe bar. I see Angie and Jenna still in the booth and Marcel sittingdown and arrived just in time to hear.

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