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”He was still sputtering when I hung up.Two weeks later, I got home after an assignment to find a government sedan parked in my driveway. As soon as...I stopped people started getting out.“Mr. Dawes?”“Who wants to know?”I don’t think it was the welcome they expected. “I’m James Andrews, Minister-Counselor to the Ambassador to England. Can we have a moment of your time?”“No. Go home. I don’t work for free.”Shock doesn’t even begin to describe the look on his face. I was still walking towards the. I gave her. While doing assignments I was generally chatting with her and came to know that she lived with her sister who was an airhostess and was often alone so used to work here.I was like how cool it would be if I get to fuck both the sisters. As I was doing my assignments she was chatting on her phone and was a bit bent and I could see her cleavage. It was massive. Ohh ya that day she was in jeans and a red top with no bra under it (as I could see her nipples).Suddenly my phone rang and it. Turning to the cloaked figure he continued "I've been looking all over for you."The vendor knew Aladdin; sometimes he ran errands for him either for a little food or money. "Do you know her?" He asked."Yes she is my sister, not quite right in the head you know; she thinks the monkey is the Sultan." Aladdin replied.At first Jasmine was insulted but being a smart woman she realized this boy was trying to keep her from getting her hand cut off. She started bowing to the strangely garbed monkey. She has proven to be a real people person. She has made such an impression in the office and the staff really like her. As you said her work is very well done and she really wants to make headway in this company. Besides we both know you don’t really want the extra responsibilities and you always say how you don’t need any extra pay. The bonus will really make a difference to her.”Rachel had stopped listening as he droned on about how great Morgan was and that she will make this place better.

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