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I heard her groan softly as she took him inside of her, and then I watched in amazement as my stepmother steadily rode my fathers hard cock in the bac... garden, in her new jacuzzi.Eager not to miss out, Hailey then pushed down her bikini bottoms and then stood there completely naked in front of me, and I stared at her slim tanned body and perfectly shaved bald pussy, before she bent over slightly staring out of the window, and eagerly I stepped off the box, and got up behind her, and placing my. “How could it know, and why would it tell you?”“It is a relatively simple procedure to track hormone levels in concubines,” the AI said. “Pregnancy in humans is accompanied by a change in hormonal levels the instant an embryo becomes attached to the wall of the uterus. The concubine was informed so that she could take measures to ensure that the child will be safely brought to term.”“Bedside manner is not in that AI units programming,” I muttered as Tatyana burst out laughing.Tatyana stretched. Her body warmed within the clammy latex trappings of her outfit.Suddenly, she could hear muffled pleas and the rattling of wood and metal just behind her. Jessica turned again and she was no longer alone. Along the balcony, five men were shackled in wooden stocks. Each was imprisoned from head to toe in black leather and latex. Every man was hooded, gagged and blindfolded.“Oh, Jessica...”The slaves were calling to her. Begging her. Each wanted to be the one. To be next. To be filled by her. To. Meri floor p 1 week k lie koi tha hi nhi. Side wale kisi marriage k lie out of station gye hue the. Or jo bache hue neighbours the vo working the islie office gye hue the. Mene uska bag utrwa k sid m rkhwa dia or shoes shoe stand m rkhwa die or 2000 rs d die. Vo thodi khush hui pr use abhi pta ni tha uske sath aage kya kya hoga. Thodi der baate krne k baad mene use soft drink offer kri or use vo pi gyi. 5 min baad usse chkkr aane lge or vo behosh ho gyi. Uski drink m neend ki dwai jo mila di.

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