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You want some of nigga dick.after he said that i just wanted to jump up and say hell ya give it to me.but i couldnt move i just layed there. i f...lt his hand touch my ass.my senses went into overdrive.he gave my ass cheeks a good squeeze like they where charmen. he grabed my shoulder and with a soft voice turn over here. i did but acted like i was still asleep.he let out a little laugh and said you can open them eyes cause i gotta suprise.i opend my eyes all i could say is omg.it was the. .. well, it kind of looks like a collar. Is it?"I was shocked by this question and panicked a bit inside, not knowingwhat I was supposed to say. I said, "It's a necklace. But it's kind ofsupposed to look like a collar, I guess. It's in style, you know, whatdo they call them? A choker."He said, "Are you sure you're a little girl and not the family pet?"I got scared again. Then he laughed. I realized it was supposed to be ajoke. Mom and my brothers laughed too, so I forced a laugh. Mom. We knew both were married, but not to each other. Li recognized them, smiled and blushed holding her hand near her face in the shy way Japanese do. They smiled back, they could see her clearly. The guy tipped his hat while the girl tightened her suddenly possessive grip on the guy’s arm.Li said that a picture of the two would be worth three months pay to her. I agreed, but said no pictures were allowed in this house. That boosted her confidence even more.We took the elevator into the hotel. Each accompanied by groans of ecstasy from Julia.Then, I decided to go further, as I stuck my tongue out straight and headed in directly. My tongue parted her puffy lips apart, as it disappeared inside her wet cunt. I could taste the sweet honey juices that flowed within her pussy, as it splashed down in tender droplets upon my tongue. My tongue now inside of her pussy, I flicked it about, caressing against the inner soft flesh that was silky to the touch of my tongue. Rolling my tongue around.

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