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I'd never seen panties as lacy as the ones Iwas given to put on.Judy took a tube of lip gloss and spread it on my lips. They she usedsome on herself ...nd passed it to the other two girls. "This doesn'thave all that much color but it will help our lips to heal."The walk was refreshing and for a moment I forgot my troubles. Wewalked slowly, as we were all convalescing, but our heels clicked on thebrick paths. It's a sound I have admired many times when I've beenwatching pretty girls walk. Now. On our way, I will explain some new rules for you to follow under these new circumstances."I waited in the living room while Pam went to get showered and changed. Now I would soon find out if Pam was the woman I had been searching for. If she were indeed a sub, my dream would have finally come true. A woman who I loved on so many levels and who could meet my deepest needs.Pam soon came out of the bedroom. My cock went to full erection, just looking at her as she posed provocatively at the. She was making small sounds. Then I kissed her legs and toes… ahhhh yeah ….Then I started licking her ass and yummy it was ahhh. Then I stripped and took my dick off and told her to suck it. She didn’t want to do it but then she did it like she is sucking a chocolate candy..aahh soo good . Then I smooched her hard and then I put my dick in her sexy slutty cunt. And started riding. Ahhhh yeaaah ooohh ahhhh …we both were moaning. .Then we got into the 69 position and started sucking each. “Your highness, can I?”Bruce says, “She’s one of the trainees in your group, Nora. It’s not like you’re meeting her at the palace.”“It’s fine, Nora,” Aubrielle says. “Bruce is right. Here I’m just a trainee.”“Master Bruce, I’s like to think she’d say aye, but ain’t gonna risk it. Ya can kick me out of whoring. She ... can do whatever her highness pleases.”“Ya really sure your highness?”Aubrielle nods.“Okay.” Nora starts combing through Aubrielle’s hair, pulling sections apart and looking at.

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