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" I slip two folded twenty dollar bills in her hand."Thank you." Anytime, sweetie. Come back soon." She squeezes my hand, giving me a wink and seducti...e smile.I head to my car with the remote back at level ten. When I finally get home, I throw off my clothes and lay on the sofa. With the remote at the highest level (ten). I furiously rub my clit while I pinch, pull and twist my nipples and think of that very hot barmaid."AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH, I'M CUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!" Screaming out as my back. Drugs? Well, they're all over. But a kingpin in an English Department? I don't think so. Immigrants? Maybe in a church group, they get into asylum and acts of humanity. Maybe animal lab raiders. There haven't been any around here, but there have been elsewhere in California. Fake grades? Fake degrees? That's possible. I wonder just how the system works here." I fell silent. "Can I see the letter when you get it?" Of course. But don't publicize it. And we've got another problem." What?"Mrs.. "Why's that?" Because I work for Aunt Kat, just like your Mama does," he answered, somewhat amused by her interrogation."Why does she make you a dress?" It's not a dress. It's called a shift," he corrected her gently."Okay," she gave up for the moment, not entirely convinced, but tired of discussing it."I'm hungry, Lyle. When can I eat?" When your mother and Aunt Kat come back. Until then, I will watch you and if you're bad, I'll tell on you," he both warned and teased her."Oh," she decided for. We weren't financially desperate, but we did need another income.The woven wrist restraints waited menacingly on the fresh bedsheets where I had left them minutes after reading my rejection letter. Her face flickered when she saw them and gestured towards me. She didn't have to say anything, I knew my place. I knew what to do. It didn't take long for me to discard the safety of my navy cotton tracksuit bottoms and scarlet Arsenal T-Shirt, and her eyes sparkled menacingly, still wearing her.

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