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.2nd year b.Com student..Exactly opposite to her sister shifa. Poor in studies and sex lover. She was more developed than shifa..She was 5.6 attractiv... with 34-28-36 figure, milky white and long black hairs but slightly shorter than shifa’s..Needless to say , firoz lusted behind both her sisters.She came rushing where shifa was waiting for her.”where the fuck were you?.” shifa shouted at her as she approached near.”i was caught up with prof. Sharma..Clarifying some of my doubts.. ” she. Whoever was on the other end of that phone had produced a photo that Ms Smithson was unable to take her eyes off. 'They're improving that photo as we speak.' Susan said. 'Come midnight and no one will be able to tell it's a fake.''I'll tell Ken exactly what you've done.' She said, and as she turned I saw a picture of her blowing the Finance Director, a particularly virulent enemy of her husband. 'You won't get away with this.''Your word against my brother's. You can take that chance if you. Why don’t you ask Miss Silk if she would like to be touched?”Stella raised an eyebrow. Had Heather somehow detected her level of arousal? She really would have to work on that. But Heather just gestured as if to say “Go ahead, you know you want to.”After a token hesitation, Stella said “Miss Silk, would you like to be touched?”Miss Silk, whose breathing had returned to near normal by now, blushed again, but nodded slowly with her eyes downcast.Stella placed the flat of her hand on the girl’s. Us pe mummy kehti hai kal hi to di thi abi dard kar raha hai fir kabhi lena.Ab chacha ne full speed mein chodna start kar diya tha mummy ki chuchiya hill rahi thi unki aankhen band thi pata nai unko maja aa raha tha ya dard ho raha tha aakhir kar chacha ka ho gaya tha or unhone mummy ki choot mein hi apna ras chod diya tha.Kapde pehan kar chacha ne kaha kal room pe chalenge bahar to mummy ne kaha nai waha tumhare dost aate hain or wo dabbu bada ganda hai pehle gand mein dalta hai fir mum mein.

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