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We both want them to have whatever it takes, okay?"It was five in the evening when they started out. Bob had taken what he called his "babe bike" on t...e trip to help Matt, because it was the one he would be less unhappy about if anything happened to it. It was a special construction custom hard tail that he'd built from the frame up, using a RevTech 100 motor assembly and a RevTech 5-speed tranny. It had a springer front end that was six feet long. A black pearl paint job had red and yellow. Afterwards, we went to a local park to walk around. As darkdescended, we got the ideas of going off into the bushes. When we were surethat nobody was around, we started to kiss and grope each other. That’swhen she suggested that she pull down her white panty hose and I whip outmy penis and fuck her. I had no problems with that, except for the factthat neither one of us had protection. She told me that If I got close,pull it out. She then pulled down her panty hose and bent over. I walkedbehind. " She was begging.Three sets of puppy dog eyes looked at me. 'Oh shit, I'm in for it now!'"Okay, we are all ears," I responded.She looked at me, "I'm not a virgin, but I'm not very experienced. You can teach me."Where did that come from? This is a partnership. She had to convince us all, not just me. Well ... maybe not. Puppy dog eyes - damn! I motioned her to continue."I'm smart and not just school smart. I can cook; you tasted that. I can track, hunt, trap, clean, and cook what I kill. I'm. “Or is it just chance?”Sleeping beauty didn't answer. I leaned down and kissed her lips. I closed my eyes as I savored the delicate taste. Her lips were warm and lush. I closed my eyes, kissing her with every fiber of my being. My cock hardened as I savored her kiss.But she didn't wake up. She needed more love than a kiss could give.Love. My heart beat faster. She had bewitched me. Some spell seemed to have fallen over me. I loved my sleeping beauty. She beat in my heart with Reina, Queenie,.

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