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And I took her and asked her I need ass to pump she said it will pain I said I will care for you, I won’t hurt you . she said she wont be able to ta...e whole off my length in her ass I said let try and she bend and I tried to insert my cock in her ass but I failed.After around 30 -35 thrust I was able to insert my head in her ass and I looked at her eyes and tears were coming from her eyes. I taken my cock out and stop and I went in her pussy to make her more happy and in doggy style I fucked. "Any boyfriends?" A few. Nothing serious. I got curious about sex when I was sixteen, but I held off until I went to college. My first experience wasn't a great one, but I did meet a couple of nice guys that I went steady with. I was never going to marry them, but then ... they knew that. I had my own plan for the future. I was going out into the big, wide world and become a success." You've done pretty well for yourself. Not many companies would send a young woman on her own to a foreign. Ida: Yes, well that was at a university. I better not name the school because they could get into big trouble. I was hired along with several other girls to service high school basketball players the university was recruiting. The boys were there with their dads. All we had to do was make them happy. Each of us did a strip and a lap dance, then we took the boys, and sometimes their fathers, for sex. I did three of four guys. The reason it was a first is because this was my first black cock.. I was overwhelmed with the desire to wear everything. I felt I wanted to immerse myself in sea of femininity. I calmed myself down. Well almost. Trembling with excitement I reached out and took the closest bra from the drawer. It was white with padded cups. I held it up by the straps and looked at it. Just a plain white cotton bra, but to me it was adorable. I loved the way the cups held their shape, already defining a bust; the little bow where they came together, so cute and girly; the open.

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