Fatafat Chudai

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I was mowing the lawn in the front yard, beads of sweat dripping down my face, out of breath and wearing my rough clothes that were about three sizes ...oo small for me. Even the sun gave a disapproving glare. Yet when her car pulled up and she stepped out of the back door she looked my way and gave a sheepish grin. I swear I almost fainted at the sight of her (maybe this was partly down to the rapidly building sun stroke, but you get the picture). She was a sight to behold for sure. Standing at. Aur haan teri study kayvain ja rahi hy. Exam kab hy.. Kam tu chuti chahi de howay tay menu dass mein pertab (boss) nu keh dayvan ge.Me: jee nahi mein kam se chuti nahi lay sakta fees dayni hy uni ki, haan ager aap israr ker rahi hain tou thora kha layta hon aap ka dill rakhne k liye.Aur jawab sune baghair ander ghuss giya aur khana garam ker k thora khana shurh kiya…acha tha akhir desi khana kahan khane ko milta hy aur preet ko dua dayne laga k aj iss ne meray pait ki bhook mita di verna vohi. "Yes fuck me Mistress". I was begging Cindy to insert more and more fingers up my ass. She kept lubing me up and after the third finger was sliding easily up my ass the doorbell rang. Cindy pulled her fingers out of my ass and answered the door. It was the lady next door, Kay.Cindy brought Kay into the kitchen and was telling her what was going on. Kay told my wife that she had brought over what Cindy had wanted on the phone.Cindy told Kay to strip off her clothes and to lye down on the kitchen. My fingers slid in and rubbed against my g-spot, tapping them enough to keep the stimulation. Soon though, this wasn't enough. I found myself needing more. Standing up and making a fast dash back to the bathroom, I grab my electric razor, sliding off the razor head I walked back to my room and turned it on, watching it buzz across my bed. I'd never tried something like this. Never even shoved anything other than my fingers into my waiting pussy. Taking a little bit of baby oil and smoothing it.

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