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All of them kept a tight grip on their detonator switches. Heavy wires led to bulky wrap-around explosive vests.Two gunmen charged through the ruined ...ront doors. They ran past the bodies scattered behind desks, jumped those fallen on the floor, and swerved around two laying in the open hallway. They ran for the stairway and charged upward, leaping two and three steps at a time, looking up past the overhead railings. One frightened secretary looked down in fear; a burst of fire knocked her. Since you’ve seen the pictures, I don’t think I need to tell you anything more.During the day, I threw some hints out that I might have to work a little more at the new office in Dillon. Both of you didn’t hesitate to try and convince me to go. After what I’d seen, I wasn’t surprised by what either one of you were saying. When I went to bed, I asked you for another sleeping pill that night, but never took it—palming it in my hand before I drank that glass of water. As I expected, you were quick. I used an alias name, obviously. But he remembered it. He created an account for himself and started looking at my stories. Some of them were based on things that actually happened between me and him.”“Like what?”“The first one he found was based on a time I had come home after practice with a bruise on my thigh. He offered to take a look at it. We went up to my room and I sat on the bed while he checked it.”“Did that really happen?”“Yes, it really happened. After he had massaged it and told me. Then it was routine to meet her 2-3 times a week. We were getting along quite well and after 3-4 weeks we were chatting and suddenly she said Bhaiya i want to talk to you something important can i –Bhabhi : Bhaiya i like talking to you. You are the one who always supports me and always there for me.Me : that is me Bhabhi. Don’t worry will always there for you.Bhabhi : i know bhaiya. After talking to you from last 3-4 weeks i understood that you consider me your real Bhabhi. So only i want to.

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