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The only persons that survived the crash were her and her sisters, who were in the cargo hold of the ship when it crashed. They, her and her sisters, ...ere in status pods, being shipped as insured luxury cargo in the hold of the ship that crashed. Status pods it appeared were terribly expensive, and are damn near indestructible once they have been activated with the massive charge of electricity needed to establish the field around the status pod, and yes there is a timer built into the pod.It. You miss your bed maybe, miss that owner of yours and that home cooking, I bet. So you figured you'd just turn yourself in and blame an innocent white man for stealing you away."I felt myself frightened by what Sheriff Miller was saying, angry too, and I wondered how he could possibly believe such a story as that. It had holes inside the holes. I was shaking and hot all over, my eyes growing damp and I wanted to say something, to explain that what I'd told the deputy was the truth. Every last. On next Sunday, I got a call from an unknown number.He: “What is your rate?”Me: “What? Who are you? What are you talking? Don’t you have the sense to know how to talk to a girl?”He: “I know how to talk to a girl. I also know how to talk to a bitch like you,”I had cut the call and blocked the number. I got calls from some other numbers too. After some time, I gained courage and had lifted the call. I asked caller how he got my number and why he called me.He was a bit good guy I believe. He was. Toby said, ‘I’m gonna fuck her now, Lou – you can find another hole.’ At first I thought they were actually fighting over me, and I was a bit disappointed that Toby had won – I’d been anticipating Louis’ beast in my cunt. Toby dragged my hips toward the foot of the bed. He’d already put a rubber on, so he just started fucking me, his feet square on the floor. His dick didn’t quite fill the void left by Sebastian’s, but it spread me plenty wide, and he worked it pretty well. Soon I was right.

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