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Uuuhh …aaahhhh..a trickle of juice began to flow out around my fingers holding her legs wide apart with both hands l lowered my face to my SIL’s p...ssy Juice was oozing from her clit,I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and licked the creamy liquid into my mouth it tasted salty and delicious, I dug my tongue deeper and sucking noisily I lapped it all up…she was moaning….aaahhhhhh…uuhhh…aaahhh…eeeehhh..please suck it harder …push…more…ahhh…she pushed my head towards her pussy, I pushed my. She slid her hand between them and grasped his cock, which was still half-hard and sticky with the remnants of their recent love-making. She felt him shudder. He turned her on so much, she loved being able to return the favor. Around her he was absolutely insatiable. ‘I can’t believe what you get me to do, Mitch!’ she exclaimed, beginning to stroke him. ‘You and I have made love in places, and ways, I never dreamed possible.’ ‘It’s been fun, hasn’t it?’ Mitch replied, quivering. Her insistent. Cum was everywhere. I was in freak heaven. My cock was purple I was so hard, I crawled up onto her blazing hot skin and rubbed the shaft against her wet, swollen lips. Her jaw was gnashing pretty hard as her lazer green eyes held my gaze and she said "there's cum in there for you. You said you liked it like lube. The more my eyes adjusted the more I realized she had been here for a long time fucking. "How many guys have you made cum today?" I asked. She looked at me with her green eyes painted. Encouraged by her clear green signal, i placed both my hands on her breasts and began to fondle them.her tits were huge but very firm & stood straight out without any trace of sagging. I looked into her eyes and saw an eagerness to give tender pleasure. She was smiling and covered my hands with hers pressing her tits. Both saima and i were getting excited. My heart was racing away and my nape was hot. I pressed against her and stared to kiss & suck her lips passionately. Our tongues were.

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